How a pump product online retailer transformed an old and outdated website into an eCommerce conversion machine.

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A scalable, robust website redesign positioned for eCommerce sales and conversion

PumpProducts.com is an online retailer dedicated to supplying customers with the highest quality pumps, electric motors, generators, control and parts on the market at the affordable prices. 

PumpProducts.com initially hired DotcomWeavers in 2013 and has continued working with the team on a website redesign, custom high-conversion product pages, and digital marketing.

Our Approach


In 2017, PumpProducts.com’s felt it was time to take their website and business to the next level. Our strategists mapped out a plan for an eCommerce website that could seamlessly fulfill orders, provide lead nurturing and marketing automation, and provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for users.


DotcomWeavers built the new site on Magento and has continually updated and evolved the website since its initial build. Today, the site is on Magento 2.4 and is growing with the business as new updates, integrations, and third-party tools are needed. The project also included a variety of custom-built pages on the site that gave users product information and allowed them to interactively research parts, repairs, and more. Last but not least, our team ensured that the website was ADA compliant to enhance the user experience and protect the company.


After our team rolled out the new site, we began building traffic immediately. We launched a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that included content marketing, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization. The marketing efforts, combined with a powerful ERP-driven multichannel sales platform, led to significant growth.

The Result

DotcomWeavers helped Pump Products create an interactive platform that made them an industry leader. Since the beginning of the partnership, Pump Products has grown from a startup to a multi-million dollar business. From simple online ordering to interactive tools, PumpProducts.com provides an online experience that is a business growth engine.

As an eCommerce company, website layout and navigation are extremely important to us. The DotcomWeavers team has helped us develop a site that is presentable, efficient and easy to use for our customers.

– Craig Mccrickard | Project Manger | Pump Products


Scalable and robust were the two concepts DotcomWeavers focused on when creating this new eCommerce platform.

SEO Driven Website

To achieve their growth goals, PumpProducts.com needed to significantly outperform competing websites on Google and other search engines. DotcomWeavers delivered on that goal by providing a lightning-fast website, cutting-edge technical SEO, and a heavily search-optimized data structure. The website also offers a variety of tools and resources for users, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.

eCommerce Features

Creating a platform that displayed products and offered custom information, including spec sheets, pricing breakdowns, and features, was step one. Allowing customers to purchase products online and have them shipped directly to them was step two. DotcomWeavers also made ADA Compliance, SEO, and custom integration with the industry-specific ERP integration, DDI, top priorities.

Part Sales

The biggest sales driver for Pump Products is parts. The goal was to make it extremely easy for customers to find parts. Hence an interactive part finder was created, allowing users to identify parts visually using a Diagram and pick their part for ordering. Robust searching for parts using Make and Model points the users directly to the parts they are looking for.

Multi-Channel Marketplace Integration with ERP

Using M2EPro, a chained connection of inventory updates from the ERP to multiple online platforms was set up, making it extremely easy to manage inventory levels available on different channels. Orders through channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Magento all get processed on the ERP. Shipments and tracking information are then returned from ERP to Magento to Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com. This seamless connection opened a HUGE opportunity for PumpProducts.com to sell their extensive parts database across their own site and other key marketplaces.

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