A Magento migration and an innovative educational center grow organic conversion by 80%

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Elevating a small business to an industry-shaping company.

Few family-owned businesses help shape entire industries, but Tanya and her team at Florida-based AAE Glass are doing it. Their first website helped them grow into a 25,000 sq. ft. facility and become a major name in the fused glass art community.

The collaborative nature of our partnership made it possible to build an innovative and interactive education resource center that drives an alternate source of revenue. This, along with a revamped marketing strategy and a Magento platform upgrade would eventually lead to an 80% increase in Organic Conversions and a 10x increased Revenue on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Our Approach


In collaboration with the team AAE Glass, the strategists at DotcomWeavers identified the need for a better user experience, an updated eCommerce platform, and new educational content/


The development team completed a migration from the existing M1.9 site to a functional M2 site. Then tackled the unconventional challenge of developing an engaging educational center on the site.


Our marketing group launched a new marketing strategy that leveraged the educational content and enhanced website through SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns.

The Result

Now, with an improved eCommerce experience and engaging arts education content, they are generating more awareness, revenue, and happy customers than ever before.

Having done much resarch and experiencing the building of our new website by DotcomWeavers, I would not recommend any other company for your website needs. Business has never been better​

— Tanya Veit | Founder & Owner | AAE Glass


Educational Resource Center

  • Earn while spending – User purchases = Education coins. These can be redeemed to access the paid content on the Education Center. We customized the module in the Magento marketplace to adjust earning and spending rules based on the products, content, and overall business needs.
  • Browse Students Artwork – Users can exhibit their creative skills by uploading images of their work which are reviewed and published in the student artwork area.
  • Read Instructor Bios – Users can learn about their instructors’ backgrounds and experiences before taking a class with them and they can search video tutorials by these master artisans about every color, style, shape and technique.

Within the education center users can also view the AAE Glass Studio Event Calendar, browse included links to all the AAE Glass products used in each video, and access printable tutorials, books, and DVDs

UX Design

Some UX design upgrades include:

  • Robust UPS Shipping Options
  • Reduction in AAE Glass’ Total Cost of Shipping
  • Accelerated Checkout and Delivery times
  • Expanded Service Areas
  • Simplified Product Filtering, Categories, and Catalogs
  • Integration of Reviews from Yotpo
  • Generation of Real-Time Reports on eCommerce Performance

The result is a scalable website they can use to grow their business and adapt to new opportunities, while placing an emphasis on the products they are most proud of, leading to higher conversions post-launch.

Marketing Initiatives

We were able to strategize future plans for the site which, after the new site launch, would yield a 12% contribution by Paid Ads to Total Revenue. SEO and keyword selection anchored every decision to ensure content impact and longevity. Key marketing strategies, campaigns and implementations included:

  • Created Search Ads, Display, and Remarketing Ads
  • Designed Shopping Product Listing Ads
  • Applied Video campaigns
  • SEO Setup

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