DotcomWeavers Achieves Specialization!

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DotcomWeavers Achieves Adobe Commerce Specialization!

DotcomWeavers is exceptionally proud to have achieved the “Specialized” distinction for Adobe Commerce Applications/Magento, joining an exclusive group of Adobe partners.


Achieving Commerce specialization represents Adobe’s recognition of our strong, 14-year history of top-quality project execution and happy customers. Every project along the way has helped us earn this official Adobe recognition. This accomplishment follows up our earlier-year advancement to Silver Partner with Adobe’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) and precedes many more attainments to come!

A Thank You to Our Clients!

We’d like to thank our valued clients for helping us in achieving these benchmarks. We pride ourselves on the quality of our eCommerce projects, and it’s you that help us push our boundaries. We believe the level of customization we deliver with these projects separates us within the industry and has been instrumental in achieving this Specialized distinction.


We’re committed to continuing the top-class design, development, and launch of eCommerce sites that we’ve built our reputation on.

A Thank You to Our Staff!

We’d also like to give a special mention to the DotcomWeaver’s team. Your consistent dedication to quality project deliveries over the past 14 years has been essential to achieving our Adobe Commerce Specialization. The distinction’s requirements of happy customers and organization-wide expertise wouldn’t be possible without your hard work.

Adobe’s Solution Partner Program (SPP)

Adobe’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) helps connect organizations with certified experts to achieve high-quality results. If your project will comprise a core element of your business operations (e.g., an eCommerce storefront built on Adobe Commerce/Magento), it requires a significant amount of dedicated experience.


While membership within the SPP is no simple feat on it’s own, becoming a Specialized partner is that much more difficult. While Adobe does not provide official numbers, estimates place the number of Specialized partners as comprising only 3% of the entire SPP.

What Does “Specialized” Mean?

Achieving this status represents a high degree of project execution proficiency across an entire organization. With the complexity of Adobe platforms facilitating boundless creative potential, maximizing a project’s quality, capability, and seamless operation genuinely requires this heightened level of direct expertise.


When it comes to finding a partner you can trust to deliver success, you want a Specialized partner such as DotcomWeavers.

Specialization Equals Proven Success

The criteria that partners must meet to earn Specialized status readily indicates their ability to deliver quality projects. Adobe screens these partners thoroughly, and most specializations require a dozen certified experts on staff. Thus, while many other partnership lists merely comprise purchased placement, Adobe partners must truly earn specialization.


Our team currently comprises 47 Adobe Certified members, well exceeding the Commerce specialization requirements:

As the requirements demonstrate, a Specialized partner isn’t simply an organization capable of producing quality work, but one comprising a large, dedicated team with a proven, continuous track record of doing so. Achieving specialization helps provide our current and future clients with the utmost confidence in our capability to continue delivering the eCommerce sites they envision.

Adobe Certifications for Roles

Part of the difficulty in achieving specialization is meeting the criteria for each certified role. For example, an “Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Commerce Architect” must pass an exam and gain at least two years experience with:

Directory Placement for Specialized Partners

Fortunately, finding Specialized partners within Adobe’s SPP directory is easy.


Partners who have achieved the distinction are acknowledged with a Specialized label in the upper-right corner of their listing and priority placement when filtering by Application. For example, filtering the Adobe directory by “Commerce” places us—despite earning the label in 2021—within the top six results.


There is no faster method to compile an expert shortlist for your project than to start with Specialized Adobe partners.

Leveraging Specialized Partners for the Best Results—Magento

Adobe Commerce/Magento projects provide a perfect example of why your organization should work with a Specialized partner on large-scale Adobe initiatives. Building an eCommerce website depends on strategic design, reliable operation, and complex integrations:

As a Specialized partner, DotcomWeavers anticipates and meets these needs and more.


Adobe Commerce/Magento’s platform provides the vast customization and functionality necessary to achieve your eCommerce aims—whatever they are. However, the myriad experience-based considerations factored into design, development, and later stages are the differences between well-executed projects and those that go over-deadline and over-budget.


Any enthusiast can attempt to replicate a craftsman’s work. However, it takes a true craftsman to understand a client’s needs and goals, build the blueprint from scratch, and then deliver customized, purpose-built design and development.

Project Stage Considerations

When initiating an Adobe Commerce/Magento project, keeping revenue and sales conversions as your ultimate priority is critical. Building an eCommerce site that doesn’t emphasize conversion throughout each development stage defeats the project’s purpose.


An advantage of Specialized partners is ensuring that conversions, user experience, and your unique aims inform all project stages:

When evaluating Adobe partners, consider whether their expertise, services, and portfolio demonstrate consistent performance at each stage. If the information isn’t readily available, ask about new site conversion rate improvements alongside other metrics (e.g., user engagement, return on ad spend (ROAS)).

DotcomWeavers—Magento and Commerce Specialized

Here at DotcomWeavers, we’re exceptionally proud to have achieved Specialized status for Adobe Commerce applications, a distinction that helps represent our 14 years of experience in delivering best-in-class eCommerce sites.


In addition, we currently hold a Silver Level Adobe SPP membership, although Gold Level criteria have been met with the award pending Adobe’s approval.


For a Specialized partner that has demonstrated continual excellence in developing, launching, and maintaining eCommerce sites built on Adobe Commerce/Magento, we’re ready to facilitate your next project from end to end.

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